YourMarket Home (Neighborhood Specific)


Top 10 Things About YourMarket:


Price Range: Home prices range from $XXX to $XXX with $XXX the median home price in 20XX.

YourMarket is located in City ST , County , on the _______ side of Major City ST . Primarily built between XXXX and XXXX, most of the XXX homes in this neighborhood are _____________ or ______________ in style with a few ____________ homes mixed in. On average, these homes are two-story homes with X bedrooms, X baths, and approximately XX sf with X-car garages, and a median lot size of XX sf. There are both waterfront and golf course homes available in this neighborhood and you can also purchase a luxury home for $XXX and up.

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PROs and CONs

The following summarizes the PROs and CONs about YourMarket:

PROs (delete what doesn’t apply)

  • Convenient location
  • High performing schools
  • Affordable prices
  • Nearby shopping
  • Neighborhood amenities
  • Lower property taxes
  • New construction homes available
  • Energy-efficient homes available
  • Beautiful neighborhood with lakes and mature trees
  • Prestigious location

CONs (delete what doesn’t apply)

  • Out-of-the way location with difficult access
  • Lower performing schools
  • High prices
  • Shopping is 20 minutes away
  • No neighborhood pool, clubhouse, tennis courts
  • Higher property taxes
  • Only resale homes available
  • Noisy airport nearby (or something else)
  • Older homes that may need remodeling
  • Close to the county dump site
  • Prone to flooding



The following map shows the location of this neighborhood in relation to City ST .

[Insert screenshots from Google maps (street view) to show where this neighborhood is located in comparison to nearest city.]


Commute Times

The following chart shows estimated commute times for this neighborhood. [Use Google maps to estimate commute times and obtain distance.]


Miles Away

Travel Time*

Travel Time





Medical Center


Major Employer1


Major Employer2


Fun Activity1


Fun Activity3


Fun Activity3


*Peak Travel Time is general 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.



The schools in this neighborhood are give a brief description about the schools.

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This _____adjective________ neighborhood features describe overall look with approximately __#__ acres of lakes and __#__ miles of walking trails. There are __#__ parks in YourMarket and __#__ swimming pools as well as talk about other amenities . People living in YourMarket enjoy this neighborhood because of…

⇒ See detailed info about YourMarket Amenities


Things To Do

There are many fun things to do nearby YourMarket, including: [This info is from the City Worksheets]

  • Amusement park Amusement park?
  • Ice skating?
  • Water park?
  • Museums?
  • Observatory?
  • Zoo?
  • Movie theatres?
  • Lake/beach?

⇒ See detailed info about Things To Do Near YourMarket


Home Builders

There are X builders providing gorgeous, new construction homes for buyers who want something brand new in this neighborhood, including:

  • Builder1
  • Builder2
  • Builder3

⇒ See detailed info about YourMarket Home Builders


Home Owners Association (HOA)

The management company for YourMarket is Insert HOA Name and their phone number is Insert Phone . You can look up neighborhood Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) at insert website .

Annual maintenance fees pay for the neighborhoods amenities (pools, parks, etc.) and general upkeep costs between $XXX and $XXX/yr in 20XX (depending on the type of lot). In addition, when a home is sold there is a Capitalization fee (X% of sales price) for sellers to pay at Closing and a Foundation fee (X% of sales price) that buyers pay at Closing.

This neighborhood’s HOA does require a Compliance Inspection before Closing when a home owner sells a home (see Insert Web page for more information).


Property Taxes

There are multiple subdivisions in this neighborhood and they all have different property tax rates ranging from XXX to XXX. [Insert more info about property taxes in your area.]



The following chart shows the utility companies that service this neighborhood.



Phone Number
















Home Prices

Here are some charts and graphs to show home prices and trends in YourMarket.

[Insert market graphs.]


Homes for Sale

It’s easy to find YourMarket homes for sale, just click below:

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